Landing in Victoria via ferry

Hi all :wave:,

Just wondering if the Seattle to Victoria route via ferry can be taken for copr landing? It won’t be a permanent move but more likely visiting Victoria for 2-3 weeks.


Just wanted to circle back on this in case somebody finds this useful later. I was able to successfully complete my landing and the CBSA officials were very welcoming. The line of cars after disembarking and going through immigration does take a while but pretty smooth overall!

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Thanks for following up, it’s great when people come back and let us know how things turned out.
Congratulations on becoming a PR as well.

I’m curious how your boarding process was for the ferry on the US side, on the Canada side the CBSA officials are equipped to handle all immigration cases including landing. Did they ask for your visa documents in Seattle or were you able to board with just your Drivers license?

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Thank you :pray: glad to get this done finally!

On the US side, the ferry company has a check in process where they specifically ask for your passport for verification and even though they didn’t explicitly ask, I believe they possibly also checked for the presence of a visa for non visa exempt passports.