Landing Interview Proof of Funds - US account

Hi, I live in the US, have received COPR, and hard-landing in Canada in Feb, and concerned about proof of funds. I have Bank of America account, and they said they don’t provide any signed letterhead with proof of funds statement, only online statements, or a simple printout. Is this sufficient? What do I do?

It’s been a few years but as far as I can remember we were never asked to show proofs of funds at soft landing. And yes bank of america statements should suffice, the letter from BofA lacked so much info that I decided against using it and only included the online statements even for the PR application. So i think you should be good to go.

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Thank you so much !!

When we called them up they said the same thing. We had to go in person and they mailed us a letter with one sentence saying that the six-month average of our account was x dollars. We used that and had no trouble getting our PR approved.

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