Landing questions

Hello Everyone!
Our COPR expires in March and we plan drive to land in Canada next month (at Lewiston, bound for Toronto).
We plan to make several trips from our home in the USA to Toronto where we will have a “permanent” address (staying with family there until we end up renting our own place). The first trip will likely be for 2-3 weeks.

  1. Is this considered a “soft” landing? Should we have a GTF form with us?
  2. Will there be any issue driving in and out over the next few months with our USA registered car?
  3. Should we have new photos with us to present at the border for PR cards? (We have photos on our COPRs taken last July. We also have extra copies of the same photos.)

Thank you for your advice and help!

I was in a similar situation. , i did my soft landing in pacific highway in washington state.

  1. yes you can mention this as a soft landing . they will provide you a customs form (GTF) to declare what you plan to import later in (whatever time period you plan to. move in permanently) . you can mention to them which month you plan to move in permanently. if you plan to import vehicle you need to mention it there , otherwise you can inform the officers that you don’t plan to import that. When ever you plan to move in permanently to canada make sure to bring that import form with you to show it to officers.

  2. no you dont have a issue in driving in and out of canada with your US registered car. the officer will provide you the signed CoPR form stamped in the passport . you can carry that form with you whenever you travel to canada till you get your physical permanent residency card. It will take 6-8 weeks for the card to arrive at your canadian address.

  3. they never asked me any photos , only the photos i have provided earlier at application stage. which was sticked to CoPR form .

hope this help

Thank you! You have put my mind at ease. :slightly_smiling_face: