Landing to move permanently during COVID-19 with expired COPR+PR Visa

@namangupta a bit off topic but did you automatically get an extension or did you send a webform to IRCC telling them that you are ready to move?

@ameha - i received an email from IRCC asking for my plans to move (my copr was approved before March 18). I am planning to move asap to start a new job and they updated my application status with a new visa number. However, not received any communication on next steps yet.

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@namangupta Thanks. My COPR was also approved before March 18 2020 but I haven’t received any such email. Should I get in touch with them or are they sending emails periodically?

@ameha - you should reach out to them. I received an email on Dec 24 asking for details on my plan to move to Canada.


You can reach out to IRCC by phone and ask them if you need to send your passport. In my case it took around 2 weeks from delivery to dispatch of passport.

Also from a recent case I heard that they are sending out travel authorization letter instead of asking for passport

Received an email last week saying i can travel with the travel authorization. No re-stamping needed.