Landing to move permanently during COVID-19 with expired COPR+PR Visa

Here are some important dates and information about my case at the outset.

  • COPR Approval : Feb, 2020
  • PR Visa Expiry : Aug, 2020
  • Contacted IRCC via Webform that we cannot travel due to COVID-19 before expiry of documents : July, 2020.
  • Country and Status : In USA on H-1B status that is valid till 2022 or something ( :stuck_out_tongue: )
    • Last US visa stamp on passport F1 for me and H-1B for my spouse, both expired.
    • Both of us have I-797A for our current H-1Bs.
  • City we want to move to : Toronto, ON.

The response was the standard reassuring one to say let us know when you can travel again and we will tell you the next steps. No impact on PR decision, etc.

Now, the idea of not being able to travel to India easily for (heaven forbid) an emergency during this pandemic is stressful enough. But, without stamped US visas on our passports, we cannot do it without turning our lives upside down even more. This has accelerated our plan to move to Canada permanently.

  • My partner has even got a relocation approval from their US employer (which has Canadian operations).
  • I’m about to ask if I can work remotely at mine next week (no Canada operations) or I’m ready to quit even otherwise and take a short break.

What I need advice from this community is on is the following :
1. Has anyone moved permanently with COVID-19 restrictions?
We are planning to quarantine in an Airbnb for 14 days and continue to stay there for a month while we look for a house to rent.
2. We are planning on a start date of Canadian employment on Jan 1st. But, we want to move earlier in mid to late Nov and work on our H-1B visa while we quarantine, find a place and settle down through the month of December.
a. Has anyone done this before (regardless of COVID)?
b. What are the tax implications of this? Assuming we are still earning in USD for the time we are working on H-1B. (We are planning to contact our attorney and CPA also).
3. Do you think this will considered as essential travel?
Since we are planning to move to Canada permanently for personal reasons and not economical or because our US status is expiring. (Source : Traveling from the US Group 4)

Appreciate any input/anecdata from people who have experienced this (Question #1) or know someone who have.

  • "Fun" fact : We have not left the US since we last came back from a vacation in India in Dec 2016.
    Primarily due to the increased H-1B stamping delays and rejections that we couldn’t get time for, away from work.

Have u gotten the new COPR?

I’m also hoping to land in a month’s time coming up from the US - despite all the warnings about travel restrictions, it does appear that we should be exempt? (
My COPR is still valid though, so I’m not sure hope that will make things different.

Hi there. So we haven’t contacted IRCC yet. We are waiting to hear back on the work on H-1B through the send of 2020 part from our employer/attorney. Once we have that, we are planning to contact IRCC with a detailed plan including dates and wait for the next steps. Even before that, I was curious to know if anyone has moved permanently now during COVID with expired documents. Wanted to know if we are being crazy with our plans.

Is that the procedure? Do they give out a new COPR, do you know?


Right? From all the instructions, it sounds like if we have proper plans for :

  • 14-day Quarantine
  • Employment
  • Housing

We should technically be able to move permanently as we won’t be a burden on a recovering economy?
But, because they have mentioned reasons for why one might want to move permanently right now with a raging pandemic, it’s causing some confusion if we don’t have any of those specific reasons.

I don’t remember seeing anything about proof of proper employment? Where are you seeing this?

Hi, in the original source : Traveling from US Group 4.

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  1. Regarding tax implications, that should not be a big deal. Since you are moving in Nov and filing taxes in April or so, you satisfy tax residency obligation of 6 months or more of Canadian stay, this un-complicates tax filing. You simply need to provide your US (or Canadian) tax documents (1040, T4 etc), and let the tax consultant do their thing. Most likely you will have paid US taxes which you can use as tax credits in Canada to avoid double taxation.

  2. Regarding travel to Canada:

Essential refers to travel for reasons that are non-discretionary and non-optional. The emergency orders under the Quarantine Act do not allow people to travel to Canada for optional or discretionary reasons, such as for tourism, recreation or entertainment.


All other foreign nationals

To be eligible, you must meet 2 requirements:

So my guess is it would be OK for you to travel. Also, I would highly recommend using the ArriveCAN app 48 hours before you travel so it gives them a heads up that you are arriving.

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I’m in a similar situation. I have received an Offer in Vancouver and want to move by early November(or I lose the Offer). My CoPR and visa was approved in June 2019 and expired on May 2020, I could not do the landing because of Covid-19. I have sent multiple webforms to CIC about next steps and I’m desperately waiting to hear back from them. Hope it works out. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for your answer and the tip on the ArriveCAN app.

Hi there,
So after some research on other forums and especially IRCC’s Twitter account, it looks like there are several people in the same boat. (For whatever reason, they all think it’s okay to abuse a social media account of a country they want to immigrate to). Basically, no one (as far as I can tell) has heard back from IRCC about expired COPR + ready to travel enquiries. Looking at the sheer number of people who are in a dire need to move (have quit their current job and might be going out of status, about to lose an offer, etc), we have put our plans on hold and are watching out.
I hope you hear back from IRCC soon!

I did hear from IRCC last Wednesday, they have asked me to send the passport and photographs again.

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Hi @lamba.satbeer,

  1. Can you share details of what documents you submitted along with the Webform?
  2. Also, what was the text of your first response (generic seeming acknowledgement) that you got from IRCC?

Mine says the following :

Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
We verified the information you provided regarding your willingness to travel and your settlement plan and have forwarded them to the responsible office.
They will contact you if further information is required or if a decision is made on your application.
We hope the information provided is helpful in assisting you with your enquiry.

I have found one more person on another forum who got the request for passport+2 photos who also got the same first response and I’m trying to see (hoping) if there is a pattern.
Thanks a lot.

  1. None on my first webform

Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
We verified the information you provided and have forwarded it to the responsible office.
They will contact you if further information is required or if a decision is made on your application.

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Thanks for your response.

Hi @lamba.satbeer,

Hope you’re well. Did you land and move to Canada yet? Do you mind sharing your experience if you can, when you’re able to?
From looking at all forums, I have to say you’re one of the lucky few who heard back and was granted extension / authorization after COPR expiry.

Hi, thanks for asking. I’m doing well and yes I moved here on 2nd Nov. I entered Canada through land border in Blaine, WA. As I entered I was asked some basic questions like the purpose of travel, do you have covid symptoms, are you willing to quarantine etc. I was asked to park near an office next to border entrance and see an office. I went in and handed over the documents to them and everything was super smooth. I did not experience anything out of ordinary or what I have read online. Let me know if you have specific questions.

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Congrats on making a successful move to Canada!

What documents did you upload in your 1st webform?
Did you followup using the WEBFORM only or did you email the IRCC using a specific email address (like the CPC Ottawa)?


I sent my offer letter with brief travel and quarantine plan. I also emailed the same message to CPC Ottawa email.

@lamba.satbeer - could you tell me how long it took after you sent your passport and photographs for you to receive the new visa? I have an expired COPR and as of Friday, Jan 8 my application has been approved again on the portal with a new expiry date however, i haven’t received any email yet on sending the passport for a new visa. Would appreciate your help in figuring out realistic timelines.

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