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My wife has her middle name (for example: Cccc) on her bachelors degree certificate but on passport and masters degree , she just has her first and last name like so Aaaa Bbbb. All her records for last 10 years are per her passport and do not have her middle name anywhere. We plan to provide a letter of explanation for this as follows.

  • Explanation about spouse’s middle name in her undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering degree certificate
    I would like to clarify the difference in my spouse’s name between her undergraduate educational documents and her passport and other documents. The norm for the undergraduate degree was to list the name in the format “Last name , First Name, Middle Name” Hence , in her undergraduate (Bachelor of Engineering) document, her name is listed as “Bbbb Aaaa Cccc”. The same information is mentioned in her WES credential for her Bachelor of Engineering degree. All her other documents including passport only listed the first name and last name as Aaaa Bbbb and her middle name is not mentioned elsewhere.
    This did not have any issues in applying for a Masters degree in the USA since that was done as per the name in the passport. Hence the master’s degree lists her name as Aaaa Bbbb in the format of “First name, Last name”

Any pointers or thoughts on the above format would be much appreciated!

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Name order mixups of this type are very common. As long as there is no spelling mistake just attach a Letter of Explanation explaining your name and the issue. Attaching an affidavit helps too.

@anon25417004, could you throw some more light on the affidavit? Should it be notarised in India/US? What are the supporting documents that I must have for the same? Thanks

An Affidavit is a written official statement of fact made by an individual (called a deponent) under an oath. It is administered by a person who has the authority to regulate oaths.

I short a letter signed and stamped by an authority that can do this usually a notary of in India at the court. It’s possible the consulate could also help. This is a sample I could find. On a side note, there is no clear guidence if an affidavit is absolutely required many people just use a letter of explanation.


I, the undersigned, Mr. AAAAAA BBBBBB, aged 29 years, residing at Ontario, Canada, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare on oath that:

  1. I am the deponent herein and a citizen of India.
  2. I was born on X, 1986 in City, State, India.
  3. My birth name is AAAAAA (First Name).
  4. My father’s first name was mentioned as initial in some of my documents.
  5. Therefore, the following names refer to the one and the same person:
    a. AAAAAA (First Name) BBBBBB(LastName)
    b. AAAAAA (First Name) B(First letter of my LastName)

The above are the variations of the same name and should not be considered name changes.

So I do hereby solemnly affirm that foregoing are true and correct statements.

Place: City, Province, Canada
Date: 07-Sep-2016 DEPONENT

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You can probably try this… Excuse me if it’s not useful!


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