Life experience as a resident post immigration

I have been hearing both positive and negative stories about life after immigration. Many skilled engineers talk about settling here with blue collar jobs. Since Canada welcomes lakhs of skilled immigrants every year, there is a definite intense competition in job market. Many could not land in a same skilled job which they wished for. Grass at other end might not be green. How are the things shaping up for you? Are you missing anything back home?


Define “ home” ? You might get varied perspectives based on that alone :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is true.Many here have migrated from US. I meant India by the way. I heard so many negative reviews in Quora about Job opportunities in Canada. It could be possible that many local canadians only posting those to discourage immigration. That is why I wanted separate thread to discuss this. India is developing rapidly and improving day by day. But still long way to go for clean air, water, better infrastructure and corruption free departments.That is the only motive for thinking of migration to better piece of land.

The moment you move away from home, you’ll miss many things, so that’s true if you move across town or continents :slight_smile:

Job market is very dependent on supply/demand of skills, and how good one is at marketing their own skillset (which also means communication is not an issue).

There are enough low-balling recruiters in Canada who try to get experienced workers for lower rates by saying - you don't have Canadian experience. Same trick is used in India for those who move back from the US, and they are told - oh, you dont have Indian experience, so we'll give low salary.

If you can get multiple offers and can negotiate, only then can you be sure of knowing market rate for your skills and experience.

Your commute in Canada can be a nightmare or dream come true based on your modes of transport, distance etc. Infra, water, air, haven’t been a disappointment till now (I’m in GTA). Day to day corruption is not a thing I have experienced in Canada till now. Similarly, crime is probably more apparent if you to live in not so great neighbourhoods or vice versa.

Grass is not green anywhere. :slight_smile:

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I would read Quora posts with a pinch of salt.

People assume that just because they got a PR (relatively) easily, the job market experience would be similar. PR is a objective evaluation of your credentials, job interviews are subjective. The way you land a job and the process overall in US/Canada/EU/any other advanced country is a lot different than a third world country.

It is true to some extent that Canadian companies tend to be more conservative in the hiring process, but personally their interview process in software has been very similar to that in US, except that it takes slightly longer for the whole process.

Work culture is another factor. In many cases based on your resume and interview, the way you answer questions, your professionalism etc, it becomes evident whether or not you will fit in Canadian/US work culture. Therefore I would argue that those who have worked in advanced economies such as US/Canada/EU etc have a much better chance of securing an interview/offer.

However this is a very gross generalization of the hiring process here. It varies a lot based on your field (in terms of number of jobs, whether or not company is open to hiring from outside, licensing requirements) etc. There should also be opportunities available in your field in the first place.

Many people take a leap of faith without thinking through it and being patient, some of whom unfortunately get it worse than other.


@sudhir Those who post negative experiences usually leave out important info - what they studied, what their experience was and whether a Canadian employer will accept their credentials/experience. It’s something everyone should research before applying for PR. There is absolutely zero issue when it comes to tech. Again, I’ve experience from US, not sure if I would have got the same number of calls if all my experience was from India. Those who do not do research and just land in Canada (especially with family) will very likely have a negative experience.