List of abbreviations related to the Canadian Immigration process

PR - Permanent Residency (Equal to the US Greencard)
EE - Express Entry (Canadian Skill Immigrant PR process)
FSW - Federal Skilled Worker Prog (One of the 3 sub-categories of EE)
CRS - Comprehensive Ranking System (Points your ITA is based on)
ITA - Invitations to Apply (You made the CRS cutoff you can now submit your PR application)
COE - Confirmation of Permanent Residence (Letter confirming PR. Important keep safe)
PRTD - Permanent Resident Travel Document (Alternative to PR Card. Eg If you lost card)

NOC - National Occupational Classification (1 or more numbers that identify your work experience)
CLB - Canadian Language Benchmarks (English)
NCLC - Canadian Language Benchmarks (French)
IELTS - International English Language Testing System (Required English test for PR)
CELPIP - Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Prog (Alternative to IELTS)
IRCC - Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
LMIA - Labour Market Impact Assessment (Required for work visa and permits. Similar to the US H1B LCA)

PNP - Provincial Nominee Prog (A province of Canada grants you a nomination and 600 CRS points)
AINP - Alberta Immigrant Nominee Prog
OINP - Ontario Immigrant Nominee Prog

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Good post, one thing though,LMIA is similar to US labor certification for GC although in Canada its done for obtaining a work permit. See:

LMIA, like US labor certification, requires your employer to advertise the job position and show that no Canadian worker is available to fill the position. H1B/LCA has no such requirement.

Haha…really … You don’t know then…each and every h1b’s lca does require to advertise for some days and is supposed to be filled only when no American is available to apply within those advertised days.


In fact there have been cases where an American worker has applied and being qualified for the role they couldn’t proceed forward with the GC.

LCA for H1B is a form that contains wages and other conditions related to the employment which is posted for a few days and then approved by US DOL. LCA is sometimes confused with the labor certification (PERM) process for GC, which involves advertising for filling the position by an American worker. See here:

Canadian LMIA and US Labor certification (PERM) are both labor market tests whereas LCA for H1B is mainly attestations by the employer about the job that is posted publicly.


CEC - Canadian Experience Class
AOR - Acknowledgment of Receipt
MR - Medical request
RPRF - Right of permanent residence fee
PPR - Passport request
COPR - Confirmation of permanent residence
Counterfoil - Visa attached to passports of non-visa exempt countries

PCC - Police clearance certificate
IELTS - International English language testing service
CELPIP - Canadian English language proficiency index program
NOC - National occupational classification
OB - Operational bulletin
IRPA - Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
eCAS - Electronic client application status
GCMS - Global case management system
VO - Visa officer
CIO - Centralized Intake Office
CPPO - Case Processing Pilot Ottawa
BOWP - Bridged open work permit
PGWP - Post graduation work permit
WP - Work permit