Live Scan for FBI Fingerprinting


Me and my wife’s fingerprinting were rejected by the FBI process. We are in Bay area. We are planning to use one of the Live Scan centers. Has anyone done this before? Will this be better than fingerprinting this ourselves and sending it again.


I have not used the live fingerprinting option. My wife and I went to one UPS center in Sunnyvale that does fingerprinting service. It was relatively cheap, and got the work done. I would recommend that, if you are still looking for a place to send the fingerprints.

I think by Live scan center you mean they scan the fingerprints and then print it on the card… i got that done similar way in police station near us… so you should be good…

We have used the FBI accreditated scanning centre in Dallas. Had a good experience. It was quick too! He handed us with 2 copies with the prints which we emailed the FBI! Got the report the very next day! We weren’t confident of taking the fingerprints ourselves considering the diff terms and conditions mentioned on the format! We did have to pay the standard charges applied!

Any local sheriff department will do the finger printing for you. finger prints have to be rolled and they are pretty good in doing that. will just cost you $ 10 or 20 for both or even free if you are local to that county.

Sorry to hear that. I know you may be apprehensive about doing this yourself again but if you do want to I suggest using this inkless pad -

And carefully follow instructions in this video -

That is what me and my wife did and ours got accepted very quickly with the online process. Helping each other holding the fingers is very useful than doing it alone. Hope this helps!

Hi, I went to UPS and got the finger printing done for me and my wife. Do not do it yourself. We sent the cards to FBI on Monday, they received the cards on Wednesday and we got the FBI certificate on Thursday.

Thanks everyone for the help