Living in Canada but managing US company and travelling to the US every second week

Hi all, need some advice here.
I currently work for a global org and I’m based in canada and am a PR. The company wants me to manage the US office. Due to PR I don’t want to move to the US so they have agreed that I can be based in Canada and be paid from the Canadian entity but I will need to travel to the US every 2nd week for meetings and to manage the business. While in canada I will manage the business remotely as needed. I am not sure if it what type of visa I need?? Please help with some advice

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I think it would be B1 visa for US… but not sure why would you decide… It will be your company (global org) who has to decide what type of visa they have to apply for you to work/attend in US

You will need a B1/B2 visitor visa. I would also suggest to apply for this visa from your country of origin as there are fewer chances of rejection in this case, based on anecdotal evidence.

Let us know about your experience regarding this process as a lot of people here might be in similar situation in the future.