Looking for a job in Canada from the US- Canada PR holder

Hi All,

This community has been very useful during my PR journey. Thanks to all contributors! I received my COPR and completed my soft landing in January 2022. I am planning to move Canada later this year and working to get a job offer before I make the move. I have been applying for several roles in the past month but hardly getting a call back for interviews.

I am a Business Systems Analyst in Washington DC with 5 years of experience (3+ years working in the US) working on Enterprise Systems. Looking for roles as a Business Systems Analyst or as a Product Manager in a tech company. Also considering similar roles in a FinTech company. I am indifferent to location and planning to settle in any of the provinces. Can anyone suggest helpful strategies for finding a job in Canada?

My current company does not allow for remote work but I’ll be happy to hear if others have experience working with US firms as a remote employee in Canada so I can consider that as an alternative option. I will also appreciate if anyone is willing to submit a referral for me.

Have you tried registering with LinkedIn for relevant jobs in Canada and have you looked at the list (On MovNORTH) of Silicon Valley companies wih operations in Canada?

Yes, I have being using LinkedIn predominantly to search for roles and have job alerts set up as well. I have submitted a number of applications already but just not getting call back yet so I wanted to be sure I was not missing out any detail. I heard someone mention once that specifying my status as a Permanent Resident on my resume may be useful.
Thanks! I have found the list of Silicon Valley companies in operations in Canada and will look through their careers sites for relevant roles.

Hi @dab : let me know if you find anything in Workday(Workday Careers | Join Us & Love What You Do‎), they are on a hiring spree in Vancouver.

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Ah good … you may want to consider having an “opportunity” address in Canada (Say a UPS rental, or a friend’s address) just to use on your resume and on any job applications. That way employers won’t shy away because they assume you will have to be transferred from outside the country. Also, don’t mention “Permanent Resident” unless it’s in response to a specific question on the employment application. As a PR you have the same status as any other Canadian when applying for a position and there’s nothing negative from an employer’s perspective. As long as you have a SIN, all else regarding eligibility is irrelevant to a prospective employer. They don’t need any special approval to hire a PR.

@hslawd Thanks for the advice on the “opportunity” address. Would take that into consideration. I will keep my PR status out of my resume as advised.

Hi @lamba.satbeer I had found some roles in Workday that I am interested in. Will PM details as well as my resume. Thanks!

Adding a PR status on my resume certainly helped me to get my first call :slight_smile:
Good Luck!