Looking for a room for rent in Canada as PR

Hello. I got my PR and visa stamped. Moving from Hyderabad to Toronto this month end. I have booked airbnb home for a temporary stay. I am new to Canada so not sure how to find a room for rent.
Most landlords are asking for stuff like credit history or a job offer etc. Since I am moving there newly as a PR, I will obviously not have either of these. Getting extremely worried on how to convince a landlord to give me a room to rent and that I can afford to pay as I will be looking for a job or taking any survival job initially etc. Please suggest how previous PR candidates moved to Canada and found places to stay in. I don’t have family and am single so I can’t afford a home or apartment right now as it will eat through my savings. I will be content with a single/shared room in the outskirts of Toronto like Scarborough etc so I can get settled initially and then get a feel for the country and then plan my future.

Try checking Sulekha, I just made a quick search and found few postings. The way to go is some of them dont require you to be on lease but share the rent- temporarily you can find them here and see if it works out.

Hi deepanm,
Kijiji is the best resource to look for an apartment. Since you are single and okay with shared, i would recommend apartment/basements close to universities like york/sheridian/humber.

Also, if some one ask for job, you can show that you have enough funds to pay the rent for the one year, this could be same as your proof of funds.
I have noticed once you let people know that you are a newcomer, most of the people understand and are willing to help.

All the best!

I already tried numerous room rental sites i.e, kijiji and indian room mates sulekha and also roomster, but there is no positive response from either of them… Not sure if the listings are actually available or have already been taken and the advertiser just forgot to remove them… not getting any responses at all so far… need to go there physically and contact landlords directly maybe and just have to keep shuttling between airbnb homes till i get something long term…