Looking for a Tax consultant CPA

I just moved to Canada last year and was looking for a CPA to help me file both Canada and US taxes. Is there someone you can recommend?

AJ Tax Consultant in Michigan.

+1 (234) 444-4440

Mercury tax eglington. Dur to covid they are filing tax online.

I used Turbotax US and Turbotax Canada, filed the US tax return first and then Canadian. For the US, I used live support so I could screen share and talk when I had a question. For TurboTax Canada, I used their “full service” where they did the whole thing, it was mostly hands off. It was C$130/per person. This was way cheaper than any CPAs I could find but I also did have to learn a bit more about how things are taxed in both countries. But I thought the service was pretty good and well organized. I had US income after moving to Canada for couple months and also still have a house there that is currently rented out, so the taxes were not that straight forward. This may not be the best option for everyone but if you are willing/can/want to learn about taxation, then this is a very economical way to do it.