Looking for jobs in Canada from the US - post COPR

Hi All,

I just had my application/COPR approved. I am based in the US right now and had already been looking for jobs in Canada from here prior to approval, but no luck so far.

Other than the usual routes of referrals, it being a numbers game etc - was wondering if anyone had any tips specific to finding a job there from the US, from their experience. One thing I can think of is indicating on my resume that I have Canadian work authorization might help.

I am open to all major cities and my background is software Product Management. Ideally would love to land there with a job in hand or close to it.


Having “Permanent Resident” status written on the resume definitely helps (at least here in Canada, based on my experience)! But wait till you actually land, in case interviewer asks for proof of PR.

Referrals are the best way to get a foot in the door here, unlike the US job market. But depending on your field, you should be able to get interview calls without referrals as well. LinkedIn premium, contacting HR persons on LinkedIn for your desirable workplace etc also helps.

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