Looking for recent (2021) soft landing experiences

Hey all, my CoPR expired in August 2020. IRCC asked us if we are still willing to travel. After saying yes, we now have an Authorization letter to travel before the end of April. We plan to drive from Seattle to Peach Arch. While we have made preparations for the 14-day quarantine, we intend to drive right back to the US.
Looking to hear about soft landing experience this year. More specifically:

  1. Do the border agents accept a US address for shipping PR card?
  2. Is the 14-day quarantine mandatory or can we just tell them we are returning back
  3. We plan to take an RT-PCR test from here in the US. Is that applicable when entering the Peach Arch and also while returning back to the US. If the timing works out, both these times should be within 72 hours of taking the test.
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I’m pretty sure if you are just going to the IRCC office at Peace Arch, you can just go back right away and no need to stay. The point of the 14 day quarantine is that if you are staying in Canada then you can be sure to be safe and not infect others.

I do hope they open the border up soon for folks who have the vaccine.

Hello there,

Thanks for the question. I’m in the exact same situation, except I’m planning to drive via the Detroit-Windsor tunnel.

Request you to please share any knowledge you acquire from elsewhere around the questions you have posted. I will be sure to do the same.


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Hey All,

I am also planning to travel in next 2-3 weeks, go through Seattle, rent a car- do the landing and come back. Let me know for anything and any current information, if anyone has travelled recently then please share the exp.


Sure will do. Still havent found anything relevant or helpful.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that most people forget to share their experiences once they’re through.

It probably won’t help you guys, but I entered Canada last week via land border - Pacific high crossing. We drove from seattle. We entered Canada though and currently in quarantine. I am from Europe non us citizen. I think if you are already in the us there is no harm in trying right? Pcr tests are free in the us so no cost to you there. Good luck.

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Thanks for sharing, do you know if anyone travelled back immediately? in case you saw people, do the landing and travel back to US?

Did you have to do your medical again @basky ?

There were just two other people activating their student visas. I would just give cBSa a call and ask them, they are very helpful

ok sounds good, I will try to call them.

Hi everyone - has anyone here (or someone you know) tried doing the soft landing recently via land? I am planning to go via car from Seattle in 10 days and trying to find out which border crossing would be best these days (if there are any restrictions on some of the crossings or not).

Also, midst the current changing travel restrictions, it is unclear if they are approving the PR for folks who intend to return back. Anyone who traveled from Seattle via land, please share the experience or advice. Thanks a lot!

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