Looking to move to Canada 1 year and continue to work remote with my US company

I am a perm resident in the US and Canadian Citizen. I am hoping to move back to Canada for the next year (Due to COVID 19) and work remote. Does anyone know what you would do for this to be done properly?

This is something you’d need to check with your company HR. Since the company would need to ‘transfer’ your employment to Canada, figure out payroll, taxation etc. If your company has presence in Canada, it should be fairly easy.

If your employer does not have any problem with remote work then there is no problem. You taxation will change. You will file 1040NR in US and pay tax in Canada on US income and you will be able to deduct the tax you already paid in US. Most people pay few hundred $. You can continue to contribute toward 401k or IRA.

You do not need to be transferred to Canada office. If you get transfer in Canada, they might pay you lower salary in CDN$.

By the way, I live in Canada and work in US. Your case will be exactly the same.

Are you sure… Some companies are saying it is a tax problem for company if any employee works more than 180 days outside USA on US payroll… This is for a person who is on H1b payroll and working remotely…

But if you are a contractor payroll and not h1b employee then you can work in Canada for that US company…

What do you think about above two statements?

I am was assuming you will come to US once in a while for meeting. If someone has green card in US, he or she can not stay out of US for more than 6 months any way.

For H1b, I was assuming that the person will commute to work once in a while. For my wife, the company used the office address for the tax purpose.

Thank you so much for this advice, it’s great to know you have been working remotely successfully!

I was reading that you could apply for a reentry permit before I leave and then my green card would not be effected. Have you heard of this?

Hi there, I am still looking into how to do this and am a bit confused about the 401k. Can my US employer continue to pay into my US 401K and I just keep it all in America? Thanks for your help!