Loss of employment after ITA

We are in the final stages of finalizing our application after we received our ITA. Unfortunately, I am on H1 ( Primary Applicant) was laid off effective today 08/30 due to workforce reduction . I have the following concerns

  1. Does the primary applicants lay off impact application in any way, .We will be updating personal history starting today to show me as unemployed .

  2. My spouse is in the US and also on H1 and will be in the US .But , In case i have to leave for India ( Given the way immigration is in the US its hard to say what can happen) will that affect my application in anyway . Also if it is approved will it be a challege to travel from India and for my spouse and child to reach from US.

Sorry to hear this, hopefully things work out for you soon.

  1. Canada does not care about what your current immigration/employment status is in any other country, it only cares about whether you are eligible for their programs. If you work experience so far has given you sufficient points for EE it should not be affected by when you leave employment, for whatever reason.

  2. You can apply/continue application from anywhere in the world. You will only need to update travel history section if you travel before submitting final application.
    Second part of this question is confusing. If you mean whether there will be any challenge traveling from India to Canada (for you) and from US to Canada (for spouse and child), then no; it’s just like traveling from any country into Canda. As long as primary applicant lands before/along with secondary applicant/dependents. Coming back to US (for spouse) depends again on US visa validity etc. However, there’s a CBP pre-clearance at Canadian airports which means you go through US immigration at Canadian side itself and are technically in US domestic terminal thereafter.

CBSA will never ask for your US immigration status and CBP will (normally!) never ask for your Canadian papers.

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Thanks Anshul. Sorry about the confusion in my the second part of my question, but you answered exactly what i was asking about. greatly appreciate all your help.