Lost PR card outside Canada


I did my soft landing from US to canada in Nov, 2019. I received my PR card and returned back to US. I was checking my documents as i am travelling to india now and found my PR card missing.
What are my options now to get a PR card , It has validity till Nov 2024. I never stayed in canada in after my landing. I came back to US on same day. So, so far i haven’t accumulated any days for residency. Also i don’t have SIN.
If i want to apply for PTRD in india, which documents do they need ? And usually what’s the validity for PTRD.

You can cross the US - Canada border using landing document

Then you can re - apply the PR card from inside canada

Either travel through a US-Canada Land border and use your stamped COPR…
Apply for new copy of PR card with any Canadian address if you have relative or friend in Canada.

Thanks for the reply!
For the second option, I do have a friend’s Canadian address, but will there be any issue as i am not physically present in Canada.