Lottery draw for federal express entry for skilled workers

Hi, I had submitted my application for PR on 8/4/2018 and my CRS was 476. In today’s (8/8) draw cut off rate was 441, then why my entry didn’t get picked up? Can anyone explain how does lottery work? Thanks in advance for your help

You will get the invitation within 24 hours. Usually you get it after few hours of the draw. Just wait for few hours for them to process it.


Is there a cutoff date for submitting applications? We submitted the application yesterday evening. Would our application be considered today’s draw?


I believe all the applications submitted right before the draw are considered!! Don’t think there is any cutoff date.

Thanks a lot for your quick response! It is really helpful

Kindly update this thread on weather or not you received ITR or not.

We received our ITR on the day of draw within couple of hours of draw

Congrats and all the best wishes. Am sure your application will be accepted and you will get a PR.

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Thanks a lot for your wishes!