Made Several Attempts with EE Profile, Automatic Rejection Multiple Times

A bit of a greeting – hi to all, I’m obviously new here. My girlfriend of 3+ years lives in Toronto, and I am trying to move to Ontario to be closer to her. Throughout this year, I took IELTS and got my bachelors degree assessed by University of Toronto CES over a month ago.

I used the CRS calculator and get a score of 430. I have applied now at least 3 times to EE and get the automatic reply (withing 1-10 minutes usually) saying I am ineligible but not offering any reason why.

I’m 31 years old, bringing $30,000 CAD. I have an assessed bachelors degree. I have 4+ years full time work experience. I am using the NOC code 1523 (Logistics Coordinator) as I have worked in logistics mostly during that time, and can have previous employers verify that.

My IELTS was overall 8.5 and the results are within 2 years.

At this point…I am unsure what I am doing wrong. My girlfriend’s father is familiar with the Canada immigration process and helped me to connect my results of the pre-application test with the reference code given – which by the way, the pre-application test said I appeared to be eligible for EE.

Is there anywhere I can turn to get some detailed help on what I may be doing wrong?

I apologize as I know this topic must come up very often and I have seen some helpful replies from people in similar situations. I have tried to go through this carefully, but I just cannot understand what is causing the immediate rejection.

Thanks for your time. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Brother, that’s because 1523 is level C NOC code. Only NOC codes with level B, A, 0 r eligible towards federal express entry. Another way would be to marry with ur girlfriend and apply for spousal PR or else try for PNP in provinces which have ur NOC code mentioned in their list of jobs qualified for their PnP program.

How much wiggle room do I have with the NOC? I picked 1523 because it has the word logistics in the title, which was mostly related to my work, but during my work experience, I have worked with accounting, management, manufacturing, etc.

If I pick a different NOC number, are they very strict looking at the specifics of each job? For example, my title at one company was “International Logistics Coordinator” but my work experience was much more than logistics.