Madras University transcripts for WES services

Step by Step Procedure for Madras University Attestation.

(Prepare the below before going to University

  • Deg Certificate – 1-page X 2 Photocopies (back to back B&W Only NO Color)
  • Mark Sheets – 4 Pages X 2 Photocopies (back to back B&W Only NO Color)
  • Filled up WES Academic Records Request Form downloaded from WES Website.
  • Persons Aadhar Card Copy
  • Demand Draft Favouring
    The Registrar,
    University of Madras.
  • Amount of Demand Draft 300 INR Per paper.  (If you have Degree + 5 Mark sheets, you have to 
    take DD for 300 * 6 ( 1x Degree + 4 x Mark sheets + 1 x WES Form attestation) = total 1800.00

* You have a bank inside university campus also but little crowded
* Original Degree Certificate and Mark sheets
* If you are not visiting by yourself, you need to give an Authorisation letter to anyone who will do it on your behalf.
* Authorisation Letter to be addressed to
The Registrar,
University of Madras
* Letter should be clear detailing what you want transcript for and who will do it on your behalf.
* 1 X Cloth Cover A4 Size and 1 x Cloth Cover A3 Size.

Go to Madras University main campus and ask for USAB (University Students Advisory Bureau) and ask for an endorsement form for WES/other transcript payments.

Fill the form and go to University Demand Draft payment section. Show the WES form and give the DD to them. They may check the documents you have and will endorse the WES form and keep the DD.

Once you have endorsed DD payment of WES form

Now take

1. the originals,
2. two copies of the certificates,
3. two “cloth” covers,
4. one copy of govt. id card
5. endorsed receipt for DD (issued earlier from USAB)
and submit in the USAB counter. They will check the documents and originals. They will return the originals after verification.
They will give a counter foil which you have to take when collecting the sealed cover on the date they confirm it will be ready.
Once you have collected the documents you have to go to post office.
Be sure to check that the university seal is there in the cover flap. Canada immigration will not accept if the seal is not there. It is to confirm that after University people attested and sealed the cover no one has opened it.
The post office will give your customs declaration form you have to fill.
From address as University of Madras, Chennai 600005.
Put WES address as below in TO Address.
Declare the items as no value and that they are documents

WES Address as below.
WES Reference No.
World Education Services
Attention: Documentation Center
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

Dear Balaji,
i have done my bachelor degree from autonomous college Which comes under the University of Madras. could you please tell me the procedure for that.

which college does not matter. in the certificate if it is mentioned MADRAS UNIVERSITY, then you have to do in Madras University.

Check the certificate and mark sheets what university is mentioned and approach them accordingly.

Procedure remains the same for all universities except the building details in my post!!


Thanks for your prompt response. btw only the degree certificate were issued by the university of madras and all other marksheets were issued by the controller of exam from the autonomous college.
which means concern college has to attest those marksheet and sent to WES right ?

WES will not accept any attestation by college. only university can attest.

not sure about your case of marksheet issued by college and certificate by university.

probably you can visit madras university and show the documents and check. they are very helpful


Just go to know that WES accepts transcripts from Autonomous college for the marksheets issued by them.

On the procedure you have to do it twice…

for marksheets do with your college and they have to send to WES directly only the marksheets transcripts and for Degree certificate your university will do the same seperately.

2 couriers sent to WES.

hope this information helps.

thank you so much for your detailed information. yes this is really helpful to me. if you don’t mind , could you please share me your contact detail so that, i could be in touch with you.

@balajivedan - Hello There. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m in a similar situation but I don’t have the original individual marksheets with me anymore. I have the degree and the consolidated marksheet. Do you happen to know if these are enough to get the university to send the documents to WES.


PS - Sorry to respond to an old thread but this had the info I needed. That’s why.


please send an email to Mr. Naveen in chennai.

he does this work and he will assist you with details.

his contact details are ,+919710699206

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