Mail redirection from USA to Canada?


Has anyone explored option of redirecting mail from USA address to Canada Address? whether USPS or any private vendor provides this? If not, is their any other way of accessing our physical mails in Canada?


You can fill out a paper form for mail forwarding for USPS and forward it to your Canadian address. It worked for us. I found this option only on the paper form and not online. You can get the mail forwarding form at your local USPS.


ok great. I was trying online and it wasnt working as you mentioned. Will go to USPS office and do it. Thanks. Have you started receiving mails at your Canada address from US? What is the frequency and delays in general ?


Yes we are getting forwarded mails in Canada. We get a few every week; not very sure about the delay but seems like it’s pretty regular.

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Thanks @am1