Mailing PR Card from friend's address

My PR card has arrived at the friend’s address in Toronto that I’d provided during my soft landing in March. I plan to send a prepaid envelope for my friend to ship it to me. Should I ask my friend to open the PR card packet and take a digital scan before they send it out, in the event it gets lost in transit? Or does that not help? I guess I’m trying to understand the implications if Fedex loses it in transit.

Secondly, are there any concerns with using Fedex at this time, given the general pandemic stress on shipping companies? Has anyone had any positive/ negative experiences lately?


Used FedEx recently and no issues for international shipping. If you trust the friend, I’d ask them to take a picture and send it separately (use office lens from Microsoft to take pictures of documents - pretty cool app).

I mean, if it gets lost then having a scan doesn’t help. You can always travel by road with the COPR and apply for a new PR card once you’re back in Canada.

However if it helps, you’re probably working a bit too much about it getting lost. Send your friend a prepaid shipping label, they can then affix and drop off at FedEx or UPS and you should have your PR card in had in a couple of days.

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Thanks for both of your inputs. I just scheduled a pickup for tomorrow, without the scan, and hope to have it early next week. I used Fedex Pri(cey)ority!

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Got the card with no issues. Thanks everyone.


Go for one day shipping from fedex or UPS… Its costly but you will less worry as will be delivered very fast… Your friend can ship it from any fedex or ups store, or you can give him prepaid label, and you do not need to waste time to send a prepaid envelope…

@srhere do we need to fill a customs declaration form when shipping PR card from Canada to US.

I don’t think it is required. I didn’t do it, I just shipped it as Personal Effects > Documents > Immigration Papers

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Declare as documents … No need to to declare as a PR card or any card…

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I just created the shipment label of UPS. The label mentions Immigration documents on it. Although UPS customer service asked me to fill commercial invoice documents as well, even though I explained to them that it’s just immigration documents. Shall I fill in any documents or get them mailed just like that?

You can declare $1 as a value… actually it should have asked you its value when you created the label…