Maintain PR and H1B

I would like to know how can one can look forward to applying for his/her citizenship after his PR clock starts while also maintaining his h1b status in parallel. I know you have to stay 3yrs in Canada before you apply for citizenship but what if the person has a stable job on h1b in the USA and their employer is willing to let them work remote from Canada? I also know this will void the h1b rule but is there any way to make it work by travelling often back and forth between Canada and USA and get the best the of both worlds?

It seems like the answer to this is a yes. See Canadian PR want to continue on H1B in US for some time | Canada Immigration Forum and Get Australia, Canada PR and Still Work on H1B Visa - USA

“There is no requirement to spend certain days in US on H1B. Research on Avvo , multiple lawyers have confirmed you can stay out for the entire duration as long as payroll is running. According to a DOL ruling in 2019 , the employer has to keep paying employee even if they are outside the country until the visa is revoked or employee resigns.”

"it is better to commute to US atleast alternate weeks. Border patrol will sometimes equate H1 residency laws with that of green card i.e absence of 6 months is trouble and absence of 1 year is abandonment. So don’t stay away too long and carry your paystubs and if away too long , carry employment verification. In addition get a nexus card to avoid having to deal with interviews each time. "

What did you mean by “void the h1b rule” ?