Marital Status Change post PPR

Hi Everyone, need your help with the below issue, please let me know if anyone else faced the same.

Both my wife and I had applied for our PRs as individual candidates. We received individual ITAs. My AOR was Aug 2020 and my wife’s AOR was July 2020.

We both did biometrics in March 2021 in Dubai.

My wife got her passport renewed in December 2021 as it was due to expire in June 2022.

I got my remedical request on 7th April and got remedical done on the 19th of April and my wife did her upfront remedical at the same time.
My remedical was acknowledged and I received my PPR on 2nd May.
The email said that I need to declare a change in marital status so I raised a webform immediately and informed the IRCC that we got married in Jan’22.

Now we’re wondering what I should do next. Should I wait for IRCC to get back to me or should I submit my passport to VFS?

Also, under the given situation, does anyone have any idea on how my wife’s application will be processed now? Will her previous application be cancelled and will she be added as a dependent on my application and we ll have to make payment and do the whole process again including Biometrics or will they just link our profiles using our UCI’s.