Marital Status; Married to Single during the Entire Process

Hi there, I am basically waiting for my IELTS test date, but I have a question about Marital Status; I currently live in the US and currently separated with my wife as dissolution of marriage will follow. So i am not sure what marital status i should put in my application since we are not moving to Canada together. Should I go with ‘Single’ as my marital status? Because I believe I would have had all I needed to submit my application with CIC before final divorce.

Say for example I got ITA somewhere in September and I submitted all documents requested before December 2018, so let say during this period my divorce is not yet finalize, is it a good idea to simply use ‘Single’ as Marital status?? since there is every possibilities the divorce would have been finalized before traveling to Canada

I answered your question on another thread where you originally posted it. To re-iterate when you submit your application what you claim on it must be true at that point in time. You cannot state things in your final application that you feel might become true at a future date.

I did not realise that this post was forked off the other post so deleted that and reposting here…

Totally agree with @anon25417004. If your marriage is not dissolved yet, put the status as married. Once you receive your ITA, if you are asked to upload the marriage certificate, you can do so and provide a letter of explanation about your marital status changing in the future.

@anon25417004 : I’m not sure if I might run into issue but I had filled the application for PR earlier when I was Single, I married on 12th of March and transmitted the application on 30th March, but did not change my Marital status, Should I have mentioned that I’m married?

Technically if this 13th was the date on your marriage cert. then possibly you should have. CIC mentions on their website that they must be informed immediately of any change in status. It would not however affect your points calculation. If your application is still being processed you maybe able to inform them of the changes.

@anon25417004 : Thanks for the suggestion, I used the inquiry form to send them an update, explaining the delay. I have also attached the marriage certificate as proof. Also, my wife(I was still gonna type gf, lol) has a PR for Canada but she lives in US, do I need to tell them anything about her whereabouts? Will it change the processing in any manner?

I’m not certain but you might have to resubmit the application. Since now that you are married you will have to add her on the application as a non-accompanying spouse. Normally she would need to have a medical exam done but since she is already a PR she might not have to.

Let’s see, I’m waiting for their response.

@anon25417004 : I received a response for them asking for a proof of PR for my wife. They also mentioned that I don’t need to add her to the application if she already has a PR (that’s a relief!). I was wondering how do I upload this document. This FaQ says the document will be listed and there will be a upload option, but I don’t see any section to upload it. Do you know where should I send additional documents?

I’m assuming you emailed CIC and they replied over email so you should just reply to that email with the proof of PR as a PDF attachment. The additional documents thing is for your application did they ask you to add the proof of PR to that?

@anon25417004 They didn’t send me an email. They sent a message in my CIC profile. But, there was no section to upload the document. I sent them the document via web form but there has been no update since 13 days, usually they reply to a webform in 10 days. I vaguely remember that one of the status was “waiting for additional documents” changed now to “Reviewing additions documents you provided” but I’m not sure if it changed at all.

You can call their call center but I suspect they will only say they received it. There is no guarantee of a response email that change you say in the status was it.

Received a response to the webform that they have the document.