Marketing Analytics Jobs

Hi MN Community,

I am preparing for my move to Toronto in early 2022, and while I can relocate with my current employer, I am considering a job change once I get to Canada. I will be looking for Analytics Manager roles (currently also Marketing Analytics Manager, with a couple of direct reports). My experience is in marketing analytics but my skills are transferrable into other areas of analytics such as product analytics (I know basic coding in Python, SQL and a host of marketing tools such as Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics). I have 10+ years work experience across marketing and analytical roles.

I am looking for insight on job search strategies in GTA:
– What in your experience was more successful in landing a job? Site applications/referrals/recruiters?
– Any recommendations for recruiting firms that specialize in marketing analytics
– What can I expect in terms of compensation? Curious to hear any thoughts on US vs Canada pay expectations for Analytics Managers in general.

Any advice or resources/forums are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.