Marriage after COPR

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I have got my COPR. I have applied for PR card just a week ago. Now I want to go to my back home and get married. So, when I come back, if I ll notify CIC about the status change, are they allow me to update my marital status in my express entry file or do I need to put my spouse file under family sponsorship category?

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Have you already landed in Canada as a permanent resident? It seems to imply that you have as you’ve applied for a PR card.

If so, then there is no need to notify CIC as your express entry process is complete. There’s nothing to notify them about.

If your spouse is not a Canadian citizen or PR or doesn’t hold a valid Canadian visa then you’ll need to sponsor them separately.

If you’ve not completed your landing, then after marriage (and before landing) you must notify CIC and add your spouse to your application.

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Thank you for your response. At present, I am in Canada.

So then your express entry application is complete. You have nothing to notify IRCC about.

Does your potential spouse have a Canadian tourist visa? If so they may be able to travel with you and for you to apply inland. Otherwise you’ll need to come back to Canada and apply to sponsor them under the family sponsorship program. Processing time for this varies based on the country of origin and you should check this online.