Married after I got ITA - Adding Spouse to Application


I got my Invite In October and I have 12 more days to submit my Profile. My score during time of ITA was 476.

I read that my points get recalculated.

I tried the CRS tool and added spouse with me as the Primary applicant. The details of the score are below:

Your results

All Express Entry candidates get a score out of 1,200, based on the four parts of the Comprehensive Ranking System formula.

We invite the highest-ranking candidates from the pool to apply as a permanent resident through regular “rounds of invitations.” See what minimum scores have been in the past.

Core/Human capital factors

  • Age = 95
  • Level of education = 126
  • Study in Canada = undefined
  • Official Languages = 128
    • First Official Language = 128
    • Second Official Language = 0
  • Canadian work experience = 0

Subtotal - Core/Human capital factors = 349

Spouse factors

  • Level of education = 8
  • First Official Languages = 0
  • Canadian work experience = 0

Subtotal - Spouse factors = 8

Skill transferability factors


  • A) Official Language proficiency and education = 50
  • B) Canadian work experience and education = 0

Subtotal = 50

Foreign work experience

  • A) Official Language proficiency and foreign work experience = 50
  • B) Canadian and foreign work experience = 0

Subtotal = 50

Certificate of qualification = 0

Subtotal Skill transferability factors = 100

Comprehensive Ranking System formula

Subtotal Core/Human capital + Spouse factors + Skill transferability = 457

Provincial nomination = 0

Job offer = 0

Study in Canada = 0

Sibling in Canada = 0

French-language skills = 0

Subtotal Additional points = 0

Grand total = 457

My spouse does not have IELTS score. I have an overall 8.5 in IELTS, 4 yrs IT Exp in India and 2.5 yrs IT exp in USA and a masters degree from USA.

Can someone pls advise? Will the score go below 457?


I guess, you can still go ahead and submit your application as the CRS cutoff for the round in which you got the ITA was in 440’s. Even if you add the spouse now, you are still above the cutoff. You should be good.

Make sure you have your spouse’s documents like PCC etc.

Others please respond.

The problem is that ECA for my spouse will take more than a month and I have only 12 days to submit. Is it compulsory to have my Spouse’s ECA to be done? Also, the medical is done but not the PCC

I added him as my Unaccompanying spouse in the application

Spouse’s ECA is compulsory if you are claiming points for his/her education. PCC is compulsory.

So, I guess I will go ahead and add him as Unaccompanying for him. After I get my PR - sponsor him even though it is a longer route