Medical exam and police certificate for non accompanying spouse

Hi guys,

I received an ITA today with a score of 481 and I did not include my spouse as an accompanying applicant. I see that one of the requirements for the completed application is police clearance and medical exam for the spouse even if they are non-accompanying. I am currently in the bay area in the US while my spouse is in a small town in India where there are no panel physicians. I would rather not have her travel to a city with panel physicians right now because of covid. I am thinking of declining the ITA because of this reason. Has anyone been in this situation before ? Could you confirm if you were asked to submit the medical exam for your spouse even if they were not included in your application as accompanying ?

Yes, I have been through this.
You have to submit non-accompanying spouse medical and PCC. IRCC wants to understand that non-accompanying spouse of PR holder is not a risk in the long term, once the spouse finally gets the PR through family sponsorship.

what if the non-accompanying spouse is already a canadian PR. do they have to redo medical and pcc again?