Medical Exam in a different country


Hello Everyone

I have got my ITA and I have everything done now… EXCEPT for the medical exams. I was under the impression that I can get it done when my application for EE is submitted and IRCC ASKS for the medical certificate (that ways, I can get more time to do my landing).

Now, I checked a lot of Panel Physicians listed on CIC’s website and everything is just too expensive near my area (Miami, FL) - $500-700 per person.

Many other areas in the US cost much less. Even Canada has many places where I can, apparently, get it done in as less as USD 150. Even if I include flight and hotel costs, I end up saving some $$ for 2 people.

So my question is: Is it OK to get the exams done in any other place than near my location? Any other country, etc.?


Yes it is. As long as they are on the panel list.


$500 is normal. $700 is a bit steep. However, if you don’t have a visa for Canada (or any other country where you need one and want to take medical exam), it’s going to cost more to get the visa and fly there than to take the medical exam. It may be cheaper to fly to a small town in US where medical exams are cheaper and fly back same day.


Thanks guys!

The thing is, I am checking for early September and it seems like the cost of hotel+return flights+medical exam is cheaper than just getting it done nearby! This is what made me curious. Only thing that I believe I have not considered is the tourist visa thing.

It seems crazy to have such wildly different costs. I wish I had taken the tests when i was India even!