Medical exam in Cali


There seems to be only three physicians available in Cali for the medical exam based on the Canada immigration website. I’m closest to LA but I’m honestly quite concerned about the physician located in LA based on patients review (1.2 stars out of 5 on average from 18 reviews). Has anyone seen this physician before for immigration purposes? In general, what’s the turnaround time between your visit and the exam results? Do you need to visit the physician’s office again for picking up results?



They take your blood (3 small vials if I remember), so unless the doctor/assistant is that incompetent that they screw this up you should be fine :laughing:

Then they ask you some standard questions, maybe make you do a pushup or two, and will check that you are not physically disabled in any way. The blood work will screen for standard communicable diseases (TB, HIV etc).

Usually your report will come in a week or two (I got mine through email). All you need is the receipt they give you on the day of your exam. You have to upload this receipt to CIC after you get ITA. CIC has direct access to all you medical results and you don’t need to upload the full results. I don’t imagine it will be any different with this doctor but confirm anyway.


Also remember reviews are overwhelmingly written by people who had a negative experience. I went to the doctor in the SF bay area who had terrible reviews as well. I found his office perfectly adequate, the doctor and the nurse who attended to me were hilarious, I got my receipt immediately, and I’ve passed my medical. You don’t really need much else :slight_smile: