Medical Exam incomplete due to pregnancy



My wife and I applied for express entry and got ITA in January. We have the application deadline coming up, booked an appointment for the Medical exam. However, the exam would be incomplete due to pregnancy and the final tests would be performed only after delivery. Does anyone know if we can submit the application without the complete exam results? Will the PR expire one year from the medical exam completion date or the day we take the medical exam (there is a good 6 months gap between the two)?


You need to first inform CIC about the pregnancy right away and ask for extra time to add the baby to your application. Once the baby is born get her passport made and include the baby on the application. Not doing so will cause you a lot of headache with getting the child to Canada. I would highly recommend you contact CIC right away and delay the application.


Is that still the case if the baby is born in the US? Since the baby will be a US citizen, getting the child into Canada should not be a problem, right?

We’ve been trying to contact CIC by phone on *67 1 (613) 944-4000‬ for a few days, but they are not able to let me speak to somu due to high volume of calls. Does anyone know if there is some other way to reach CIC? Thank you


Based on what I’ve heard from other people it’s much better for the child to have a PR along with the parents, irrespective of whether the child needs a visa or not for Canada, since you will be living with the child for long periods of time in Canada that can get complicated for a US citizen child with Canadian visa (for “visits” longer than 3 months). Maybe other PRs with kids can answer this question better.


This was our situation exactly we delayed the application till the baby arrived and we had her passport and medical in hand. Use email to contact them, we always used email and worked great.


Can they delay the process by 9 to 10 months? We dont have a problem in redoing the medicals etc. I filled my final application for PR about a month back.

What are my options?


That’s up to them either mail them or call their contact center number to check. But that does sound quite long, why not just get PR move to Canada and then your kid will have Canadian citizenship and your family will be under the Canadian medical coverage as PR. You haven’t mentioned if you already have an ITA?


The reason to not move is the Doctor. My wife wants to stick to the Dr and the current team. Yes got an ITA in Feb and submitted the application on April 25th