Medical Examination in Bay Area


Is there a list of doctors who do Medical Examination specifically in Bay Area? Where can I find this information? Appreciate id someone has a list handy and can share.

I used the below doctor. I believe he is the only one in the bay area. Additionally I went on a weekday morning and was in and out pretty quickly.

City: Berkeley
Name: Timothy Fitzer
Address: Berkley Family Medical Centre,
2636 Telegraph Avenue,
Telephone: 510-841-1647
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish

Thank you @anon25417004. Do you remember how far ahead did you take the appointment?

Canadian PR was not as popular a year ago since then applications have sky rocketed also Express Entry is a new process it was only launched last year. I would say give them a call and see their availability it’s best to get it done the earliest as any issues that crop up might need to be handled.

Keep in mind when you get PR your one year time limit to complete your landing and claim PR starts from the date of your medical checkup.

Guys went to the above mentioned doctor ( Timothy Fitzer ) today

No receipt given, on asking they said they will send all the doc’s in the email after one week.

Do we need to have ITA before going for medical ? Or can I get my medical done before getting ITA ?

You MUST have an ITA for medicals.Your Unique Client Identifier (UCI) [allocated following the receipt of ITA] will be asked by the healthcare facility for medical examination.

Ohh okay, thanks for the information.
Appreciate it.

Hi folks,

I had a call with Dr. Timothy’s office and while I get that they don’t accept insurance, it looks like I can’t even claim the money against a Flexible Savings Account? Have others had success in using pre-tax $$$ or getting part of the money back from employer medical insurance? I am on Anthem Blue Cross PPO and have a WageWorks FSA.