Medical expiring soon after PR application submission

Hello all,

My wife submitted our EE profile in Mar’19 for the Canada PR including me as her spouse. We got the ITA around April but we declined the invitation as we weren’t ready with the documents. However, we had our medical exam done around the same time in April’19 but we never submitted it as my wife’s passport got lost while trying to obtain the PCC from the Indian consulate in SFO. We got the ITA again last month and we are planning to submit all documents this time before her EE profile expires in Mar (due to 1 year validity). Our deadline for submitting all the documents is mid-Feb. I would appreciate it if anyone could help clear out our concerns below?

  1. Can we submit our PR application despite our medical test expiring in late April? We do not have enough time to get another medical exam done right now as it is tough to get an appointment with the designated physician and obtain the medical results within the mid-Feb submission deadline. I understand that the medical test needs to be valid for Canada to issue a landing visa. We will be able to redo the medical test by Mar/April. But will the immigration team give us the opportunity to re-submit a new medical report after submitting the PR application? I’m not sure if we can ask for an extension of our deadline to submit the new medical documents as her EE profile will expire soon after in March

  2. As my wife lost her passport, the passport details mentioned in the EE profile will be different from the passport mentioned in the PR application. Can we justify this change by submitting an explanation letter? She also lost her H1B visa with the passport and is yet to have it re-stamped from the US embassy. Does that lead to any negative impact?

  3. Can anyone point me to a link explaining the effect of choosing a specific province/multiple provinces as a choice of residence when submitting the application?

  4. Her passport also had a Canada visitor visa that is about to expire by end of September this year. We have been communicating with the Canadian immigration team since but still haven’t been able to obtain a replacement visitor visa as they have been very slow to respond. We plan to stop the pursuit and instead put our efforts to getting our PR done. Should we expect this to backfire and impact our PR application in any way?

following up on this thread, can anyone please help with their inputs? would really appreciate it! thanks!

  1. You should submit all documents before the deadline, but try to get an appointment before if you can. In case you’re unable, it’s OK to submit a placeholder document for the medical section (e.g. a printout of your appointment letter/email etc.) and mention it in the letter of explanation. As soon as you get the medical done, upload it using the webform with a letter of explanation.

  2. You can write the passport details change as part of the letter of explanation. Just include both old and new scans and explanation of why the passport is lost. In case you have any official letters from embassy etc, you may include that as well to make your case stronger. I don’t think this is such a big deal. People make mistakes in their applications w.r.t names etc and sort it out later through LoE/webForms.
    In case you are able to edit your profile now in EE maybe you can try that as well, although I don’t think that’s necessary.

H1B should not affect your Canadian PR application simply because they don’t care about your visa status outside Canada.
You will however, need a stamped visa (if possible), to re-enter USA, assuming you will be soft-landing. In case you cannot get the stamp, you can still use the ARV (Automatic Revalidation of Visa) if you come to Canada and stay for less than 30 days.

  1. For federal FSW EE, doesn’t matter. You can choose any city/province you want.

  2. No it shouldn’t affect anything. In any case, once they issue you a PR visa, you need to show that while soft-landing. If they do issue you a new tourist visa while your PR application is pending, I would recommend against using it to travel to Canada. I know for a fact that if you apply for PR and thereafter apply for tourist visa, there are high chances tourist visa will get rejected.