Medical Test Delay

Hi All,

We received an ITA (score 481) and wanted to decline it because we wanted to get medical test done in India (in Nov.) as it’s cheaper there ($200 for 2 ppl) Vs. here(in NC: $1000 for 2 ppl).
On the other side, Can we submit all the documents (except medical, we will show that it is scheduled in India in Nov)? Or will that result in decline?
Let me know your thoughts.

You would be required to upload the receipt of your medical exam for the application to get processed. If you don’t provide it in the 60 day period, it will be rejected. If you plan on doing medicals in November, it would be wise not to accept any ITA until then. If you are willing to shell out the $1000, go ahead and upload the medical receipts for the current ITA.

Your insurance will cover most of it. My wife and I paid $0 for the medical tests in michigan. We paid $400 to the doctor and it was not covered by insurance as it was not like doctor’s appointment.

Do you mean that insurance covered $400 and you paid $400 (out of pocket)?

you mean your health insurance from your company covered it ?
I am surprised, as these are not regular medical checks, so insurance won’t cover it under preventive clause. Would like to know more how you got it covered under your health insurance ?

$200 per person to the doctor for documentation.

Insurance covered the tests 100%. I think those tests are considered as preventive.

Did they give you a separate invoice to claim with insurance? Because most of the doctor’s state:
"Insurance will NOT be filed for this exam. It is not deemed as a medical necessity therefore, insurance will not cover it "

My doctor told me that it would be covered by the insurance.

that’s great, I was told the opposite.
have you been able to claim this amount back successfully ?

Hospital used the insurance details. I didn’t do any thing. Insurance website says, patient pay 0.

wow, nice. which state / city was this in ?

Metro detroit area.