Medical test query

I took my initial medical test for Canada express entry PR at Max hospital, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

Few days later I received an e-mail from Delhi immigration asking for further medical testing required. My last date to complete the PR application is April 22, 2019. I have all the documents required and will submit it in couple of days including my initial doctor check up.My concern is that I am on vacation visit to India and going back on April 30, 2019 to USA(I reside in the USA). I spoke to the hospital and came to know that I I am supposed to take a sputum test which ask for sputum monitoring for 3 days and then chest X-ray again after 90 days. If I take sputum test here in Delhi, can I take my chest X-ray in USA?

If that is not possible then can I take the sputum as well as chest x-ray in USA after I go back to USA on April 30,2019? I can make an appointment in first week of May,2019.

Is there any way that I skip the sputum test altogether? I am trying to connect with Delhi immi office via email and webform but not getting a proper response.

Kindly guide me.

Not sure if that’s possible, you may have to re-do the whole medical exam in USA. I may be wrong, and I don’t think anybody would be able to confirm that except CIC. I’d get in contact with CIC somehow and confirm with them.

My AOR is 10 Dec. I was flagged for TB I gave Sputum sample for 3 consecutive days and it takes 6 weeks for the results to come. Once you get the result depending on the hospital the doctor recommends you get report from pulmonologist and then it is sent to consulate. If for some reason you cant et it doen inform the consulate about it and they will be ok with that.

My husband and I live in different states in US. Is there an issue to get the medical exam done from two different panel physicians in different places for the same EE application?

@snema: I am in the same boat. Can you please share your experience. Thanks!

In 2018, I got mine done in CA, USA and my wife got hers in India and we didn’t face any issue. I don’t think it’s an issue.

Thanks @proutray

Hi, did your insurance cover this medical cost? I have mine scheduled in few days in USA. Can you please let me know? Thanks!

I paid cash and the instructions says that they will not accept insurance.
Check this link where I got my medicals,

They had written " fees for immigration physicals cannot be billed through medical insurance. We cannot provide any type of medical coding for insurance companies or for any other purposes"

Hi, Thanks for replying. I finished my Medicals uploaded on the portal too. Thanks!

We did ours here in NY/NJ area, and the doctor’s office asked us to pay cash for the test.

It was $350 per person ($250 for the blood work, etc and $100 for X-ray).

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Thanks for replying. I finished mine couple of days back.

Looks like significantly low, here at Denver they are charging $500.

In St. Louis I paid $400