Messed up with job title for an employer in Express entry form

Hi All,

I recently received an ITA and while I was collecting documents I realized that there was an error that I made.
Firstly, I mentioned the names of the company as A but on receiving a letter of reference I see that companies specify names as A, Inc.
My question is that should I make the name change on the ITA form and will it be considered misrepresentation and do I need to provide a letter of explanation?

Secondly, my work experience has been like follows

Company A, Duration 19 months
Company B, Duration 12 months
Company C, Duration 18 months.

At B I was promote from associate manufacturing engineer to a manufacturing engineer. However in my express entry form I have mentioned only manufacturing Engineer. So can I add my stint as an associate engineer in the post ITA form? Will this be considered misrepresentation and do I need to submit letter of explanation?

Finally, I am having difficulty with obtaining employment verification for company B. Hence, I am planning to delete the experience from my profile. Although my CRS score does not change but my FSW score changes from 71 to 69. In this scenarion can I delete the job entry and proceed with the application or will members recommend to decline the invitation and reenter the pool with two work experience (A&C) (Currently my CRS score is 481)?

Any response/help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Hi Guys,

Any response to the question will be of great help and allow me to take an informed decision.


Not sure if I can address these accurately but here is what I think (have personally done):

  1. If company A had multiple promotions, you can state the latest one and its fine, what matters is what is outlined in the ONE experience letter that you submit for A. So if your letter from A states, “Person has worked in the position of Manufacturing Engineer whose job duties are … such and such” that is absolutely fine. Logically if one takes every minor promotion in a company to produce separate verification documents, that will balloon to a mountain. I have been with the same company in multiple locations and various promotions and all I submitted was Location A… one designation. So that should not be a problem.

  2. For alternative employment verification methods, see Do not have reference letter from employer, Multiple NOC codes

Lastly I think the eligibility criteria notes the experience needed to qualify as the NOC code you used to qualify for express entry and the minimum criteria you have met already ( think its one year of continuous work experience?). As long as you have points in the pool, you should be good. But verify this thing with someone else too. What goes into the Express Entry point could be just the last experiennce from Company A and rest goes into “Personal History”. As long as you had points and the tool checked it for you, you are okay.

But double check.

Misrepresentation is when you are giving out wrong information specifically to increase your chances of getting the application approved, or hiding bad information (e.g. criminal record) etc. Missing “Inc.” as Company name is probably not a big deal. Giving slightly wrong name is not going to increase your points. Same thing with NOCs. If you are truthfully stating the duration of your work experience with various companies, promotions etc within same company are not gonna affect your score. And in any case you should be writing all information about your positions on the work experience letter so you are not hiding anything. You can also state this in the personal history section. I presume manuf eng and assoc. manu eng. have same NOC? In that case you’re OK.

You don’t need to delete any work experience. Do you have paystubs, offer letter, resignation letter etc for B? If so, include that and letter of explanation stating why you were not able to get a letter for B.

You should not decline ITA just because a job title is spelled wrong, or you cannot get letter from a company.

@kicknuts and @avj Thank you!