Minimum time before applying for PR with a job offer

For someone with a job offer from a Canadian employer (not started though yet), what are the options for PR application ?

  • Can they apply for PR via express entry with 50 points for job offer, even before starting the job in Canada and even before travelling to Canada ? (Assuming they meet the cut off for CRS).

  • Or do they have to wait for completion of 1 year in job before even attempting to apply for PR via express entry or other avenues?


I think you get more points with the job offer

  • Yes you can apply and get those points and wait for EE to process. However you may want to start work soon (typically no employer waits for 6 months for you to join). Try to get a work permit. It’s ok if you have EE processing side by side.

  • If your EE goes through you get the PR. If not or you decide not to get EE, you can try CEC after one year of working there.

awesome @avj , thanks for clarification …