Missed 60 day timeframe

I was unable to obtain my PCC within the 60 day time frame. I therefore had to decline my ITA on the 59th day to re-enter the pool.

  1. Do I automatically re-enter the pool after declining the ITA? Or is there something I need to do to be considered for the next draw?
  2. Since I was only missing PCC, all my other documents we obtained late-November/early-December. Lets say I receive new ITA in mid-Jan - can I still re-use all the docs I had collected earlier? including medical exams, financial docs etc.
  3. Going forward, do I need to give reasons as to why I declined my ITA?

Please advise!
Thank you!!

Yes, your profile should automatically go back into the pool when you decline the ITA (see here). Lots of folks do this for various reasons, so it’s not unusual. Your medical is valid for a year, your test scores for 2 years, and your ECA for 5 years in most cases, so they can all be re-used. My work experience letter was almost a month old by the time I submitted my application. The only thing you might want to update is your proof of funds.

Whether you include a reason or not is up to you-- as stated, it’s not uncommon, and there’s no reason that it would work against you, but it is also easy enough to explain it in a sentence or two in your LOE (“I declined a prior ITA because I was unable to obtain a PCC from x in time to meet the 60-day deadline”).

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Thank you for your response. That is helpful and relieving.

It might be irrelevant now since you already declined your ITA but you shouldn’t have. If the PCC has not come through within the 60 day window, you can just upload the receipt that you receive when you apply for the PCC and mention about the delay in the letter of explanation. CIC looks at the receipt and sends you a message to upload the PCC once it is available. Until then it puts your application on hold.

You’re right, I looked in to it.
The problem was that I had initiated PCC in India. Things took time and I received my clear status only after I left the country. Now Im in States and Passport Seva Kendra would not give the PCC to anyone else. That said, I initiated a fresh PCC app with the Consulate of India and hoping that since I have clear status, I will get same day PCC.

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@mrandmrs @northern

I received my ITA and therefore taking a closer look at my situation…
Granted that most of the docs (IELTS, WES, previous jobs’ letters, previous jobs’ VOE, FBI clearance, my spouse’s PCC, medical exams) were obtained in Nov-Dec time frame and those should still work. I will still be getting the latest PoF.

My spouse’s and my Verification of Employment (by HR) is dated 15 Nov.
My spouse’s and my Letter of Recommendation from Supervisor/Manager is also dated 15 Nov.
I can obtain latest paystubs easily.

You guys think I should redo our current job’s VOE paperwork?

Good that you rejected the ITA. If you were in US on the date of submitting the application, your PCC should cover your full stay in India. Given that you had applied for PCC while in India, it would not cover your full stay and your application would have been rejected.

Another option for your was to have applied for a new PCC in US and submitted the application with a receipt, as others have suggested.

Now that you are in US, apply for a fresh PCC from closest consulate. I am not an expert on PCC requirements, so do your own research. Biggest reasons for rejection are:

  1. Issues with PCC
  2. Either no duties listed in work experience or them not matching NOC code
  3. Issues with translation of documents and not uploading original etc.
  4. Forgetting critical document like passport or issues with the format - open the files in Adobe Acrobat Reader before submitting.

You should be fine with the reference letters from November.