Missed attaching the degree certificates and IELTS scanned copy

I submitted my ITA yesterday and just uploaded WES report. I did not upload my degree certificates and IELTS scanned copy. Will this cause an issue in rejection of my application? I contacted the IRCC via their web enquiry and submitted my documents but I am worried. Did anyone else face this situation? Please advise

You are not supposed to upload any WES or IELTS scanned copy. For WES they ask for your Reference number which is mentioned in the final document and for IELTS they ask for your TRF number which is mentioned in the results hardcopy. For document submission post ITA, for highest degree you are supposed to upload “degree certificate” and not “wes document”.

That’s what I realized and I am asking what happens if I don’t upload the degree certificate?? Will they get back to me? N lot of forums say that WES itself says that you hold the required degree. Anyone has any experience with this kind of situation?