Missing Dependent Child details in express entry profile

I have recently filled out express entry profile. In the profile, there have been no questions about my child who is also an Indian citizen. But in the family column, I have mentioned the total number of members as 3. I can only see my wife as depend though in that section. Have I missed something while filling the express entry profile or they don’t ask about till ITA.

I’m not sure I understand your question. When you were filling out your EE profile they probably asked about spouse and dependents and you are expected to add all family members (spouse and children) who will accompany you to Canada.

Hi Anshul,
When I sign in with my GC key and click in the check status and message link as below.
It opens my application.

In that page in application profile and details , Under Application summary I just see my detail with Unique client Identifier (UCI) as primary applicant and my wife details as dependents. Should I see my daughters NAME and UCI here.Have I missed adding her or it shows only two of us as we both contribute to the points.

But there is another part in my personal details form where the question is " How many family members do I have? " i have mentioned 3. Just concerned about my daughter’s details not mentioned anywhere. Even her name.

FYI : I have filled the express entry and submitted my application and my crs score is 420.

Hmm…not sure I can answer that since I am not aware how the submitted application should look when you have dependents. Do you remember if you added your daughter’s details when u filled EE?

No I have not entered her details anywhere in the express entry profile. I went through the express entry profile again and couldnt find a place where it asks my daughters details.

Got the Answer from another website. We just mention the number of people in the family and not their details except spouse as they are not relavant to express entry profile ranking.
So spouse with one kid should mention 3 members and corresponding funds. If got an ITA more detailed information is required.

Am not sure if I can post these links. Please remove if I shouldn’t.


Hi, Help!

I am experiencing the same issue. No space to fill in my child’s info. Were you able to provide later?

I haven’t yet posted my application. Will I be requested to provide further info after processing? Does this email you received an email after the process?

Thank you

I’d like to know please, what if I don’t have any family member in Canada and I am asked to fill this details… what’s going to happen?