Montreal Visa Office -- Slow processing

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to let you know that for people whose application is getting processed at Montreal Visa Office should expect longer processing times.

I have gone through few threads on CanadaVisa website, and many people have shared this info.

My application is also getting processed at same office, close to 5 months still background not started.

Order GCMS notes to know about your visa office or just to know if everything is fine in regards to your application.

Link for reference >

Hello, is GCMS notes the only way to find out your visa office?

I’ve followed the advice here and sent an email:

That post is from a while ago, so, am I just wasting my time waiting for a reply? Should I just go ahead and order GCMS notes?

Thank you!

You can call IRCC and ask the agent about the visa office where your application is getting processed.

To know detailed information about your application current status, best is to order GCMS notes.

IRCC wouldn’t respond to emails. Use the link from the same post & ask your query there. You should get an answer in 5 business days.


I’m unable to call the IRCC number from the US. I get a message saying I can’t call that toll free number from outside Canada. How do you guys call them?


Dial *67 before the number to dial to hide your caller Id

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