Move from Detroit to Windsor - Oct2020

Hi all,
Here is my experience moving from Detroit to Windsor on 16th Oct 2020.

1. Preparation:
I booked a mini van from Enterprise who provide free drop off at Windsor Airport and packed all my belongings together a few days before leaving to give me some time to pack last minute things.
Contacted my friend who lives in Windsor for accommodation for awhile until I find a good apartment there. I planned to quarantine at her place and also stay there until then.
Made a list of items to accompany me and also a list of goods to follow.

2. Moving Day:
The drive from my apartment in Detroit to my friends house is just 50 mins, so I planned to leave after lunch. Have a nice farewell with my friends in Detroit and left around 2pm. I took the ambassador bridge to cross the border where there was an approximate wait time of 30mins to speak to an officer, a lot more people travelling between borders than I imagined.
The first officer just took my passport and COPR and asked few basic questions which are already mentioned in various other posts. He made sure I understood the consequences of violating the quarantine rules. Asked about the car and didnt ask anything when I mentioned that it is a rental. Told me to get all the windows down but didnt really check what im bringing. let me go in to the immigration office.

3. at Immigration Office:
The 2nd officer at the office looked through my documents asked pretty much the same questions and then in 30mins Signed the COPR and my GTF list, welcomed me and let me go.
Drove straight to my friends home.
She plans to return the car next day.