Move from US to Canada

Why did you move from US to Canada? Most of the cases I have seen are because they found it difficult to land a job in USA or because they had difficulties with obtaining work visa or green card.

Why would someone move if they already had a well paying job and green card?

Hi Rohit,

I will assume this is a good faith argument from someone who is looking to move to the US and does not know what the visa / green card process is like.

If you haven’t done much research, I would encourage you to talk some Indians who have lived in the US for long enough. They will tell you how arduous and excruciating the visa process is or how long the green card lines are. Or what it’s like to live on a visa in the US for 10+ years and subjecting yourself and your family to that experience.

That’s just a part of it though. Even if you have a good job and a green card in the US, there are many reasons to want to move out right now. A few that I can think off the top of my head:

  1. Crumbling infrastructure. Try looking into what’s going on in SF/LA/NYC. Travel to any other major city in the world - Dubai / Shanghai / Seoul / Singapore. You’ll see a stark difference.
  2. Non-stop school shootings. Only country in the world that faces this issue and can’t do something to stop it.
  3. Water crisis. The Colorado river which supplies water to three very important states is drying up. Global warming will keep making this worse.
  4. Poor fiscal policies. The debt bubble just keeps on growing and the money printer never stops. It’s gonna pop one day and it won’t be pretty.

The above are a just a few reasons. I am sure people here can list a lot more.
If you have been in the US since before 2015, you can clearly see the deterioration all around you. The US is in a crisis and few people realize this. Maybe it will recover and come of out of this mess with shining colors. I hope and pray it does. But who knows. Better to hedge your bets.

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Thanks a lot @hmov for your viewpoints! Working in tech, it is tempting to move to US because of the huge difference in take-home pay between US and Canada. However, Canada is more preferable when it comes to safety.