Moving back to the US?

I know everyone has their POV on this topic but just wanted to ask people what they think about moving back to the US on TN/unused H1B? Cost of living, especially housing is insane in GTA. Even though our family income is $400K+/yr, a ton of it goes to taxes with minimum benefits in return. We all know the issues - healthcare (limited family doctors, months of waiting for specialists and the list goes on), infrastructure (401 is a nightmare as an example), schooling (pods for kids and diminishing quality of education), insane housing cost with thousands of $ in mortgage payments, every other person is Indian (this is subjective but I moved out of India since I wanted a diversified circle), yrs long wait for daycare spots - myriads of other things but you get the idea. The only thing that bothers me is gun violence in the US especially with kids going to school but GTA isn’t any better now. Every day you hear about someone stabbing someone instead of shooting. With more and more immigrants/refugees and less jobs, this trend is bound to stay the same or increase. What is your opinion and what are the benefits of staying in Canada?

Can you please explain what does unused H1B mean? The moment you are out of the US, H1B status is gone, correct?

I have been debating the same. In my field, there are more opportunities (would say in almost every other field) and better pay in the US than in Canada. The only thing that Canada offers for me is that it gives me the opportunity to have my aging parents over for a longer time than the US. Though getting selected in the lottery is a whole different thing Atleast I have the super visa that enables me to have my parents over for a longer time.

Super visa helps but not really. First of all the premium is high when you have parents over 65 yrs of age and then you cannot use it for general diagnosis which they need when they’re at this age. On top of that, the PR process has been dead from the past few years and hasn’t taken new applications into consideration which to me doesn’t make sense.

Agreed. Hoping they open it up this year. The only thing I can think of which might make me choose Canada over the states would be the opportunity to take care of parents. Eager to know what others think and get their viewpoints.

From what I understand any unused time on your H1b can be reused as long as you get an employer to sponsor/transfer your h1. I believe if you have i140 approved an employer can use that to initiate H1b without going down the lottery route(might be wrong)…


My personal two cents - if you and your spouse both have your I-140 form approved (green card) and making money is your only criteria, then you should definitely consider the US. Granted that you do have to live with the uncertainty of visa, gun violence etc, but if your career prospects are better in the US, then it is worth considering it.

I think you have touched on all the right points. That is the reality and there isn’t any denying it. Having lived in both US and Canada we are in a better position to assess the difference. The only thing I’ll add as a plus is the easier path to citizenship.
My suggestion is to take the Canadian citizenship. Once you have the citizenship you should feel confident in going back to US. And this is coming from someone who had an H-1B for 15+ years, a house and 2 kids. The constant fear and instability due to H-1B visa alleviates a bit if you have the option to going to Canada. You can invest in Canada, own properties. Get TN-visa as well once you have citizenship.

Me too.

From one perspective US actually makes it easier to sponsor your parents - if you are a citizen: but then there is no lottery, no need to wait for a visa number or priority date, it’s immediate.

That’s the catch, even green card holders can’t sponsor their parents: Can a Green Card Holder Sponsor Their Parents?

So even if you survive the years long wait for a green card, you need to wait a few more years before you can get US citizenship to sponsor your parents.

Odds are good that they reopen things for parents on the Canada side long before one becomes eligible as a US citizen to sponsor the parents to the States.

Thanks to those commented. Seems like most of you think on the same lines.

Another point that I didn’t mention in my original post is that we were in the US for 8 yrs before moving to Canada. Never had issues with H1B renewal since both me and my spouse were working for a American firm. The only reason we moved was prospects of Canadian citizenship, we have friends and family in Canada and path to PR for parents.

So as someone said, after living in both the countries, it’s easy to draw a comparison. I read this somewhere and truly believe in it after much research - Canada is great if you are low income/refugee/disabled as you get access to so many benefits and monthly payments (though they may not cover everything but far better than getting nothing). And if you are middle class, you continue giving to the system with minimal benefits in return. US is adversity for low income folks but a boon for most of the middle class especially folks in tech/healthcare.

We moved here in 2021 after 8 years in the US. We’ve only got another year to go until we’re cleared to apply for our citizenship. Then another year of processing till we get the passports. So, we’re going to stay here till we get our passports atleast. But after that, we don’t have any intention of staying in Canada for the long term mostly for the reasons you stated above. We don’t have any friends or family in Canada since everyone’s in the US. Haven’t been able to meet new friends either cause we both work from home and are raising a toddler.

As for next steps, the TN visa is an option cause we’re both working for US companies. But we’re also considering Dubai cause I’m an Oil & Gas guy. I don’t mind spending 10 years in Dubai making 2x to 3x more with low taxes compared to Canadian Oil & Gas salaries. But an option that we really like is moving back to India and staying close to family and friends. We can afford daily help such as nannies, cooks and drivers in India easily and this will free up our time. Raising kids in the West hasn’t been easy. We’d prefer to maintain our sanity and spend quality time with kids as opposed to cleaning dishes, doing household chores etc. We’d face the same problem if we move back to US but not if we move to Dubai or India.

I really wanted to make Canada work for me but I can’t find a good reason to stay here. I don’t see the leadership in this country doing anything remotely helpful that would grow their economy and reduce housing costs and improve public healthcare. Also, cost of living in Toronto is pretty high here and I don’t find it deserving of that. For example, I’d gladly accept high cost of living in cities like NY, Seattle, SF cause of the wealth of opportunities and high earning capability in those cities. But Toronto has been underwhelming to say the least. Perhaps it may be different for a Tech person with considerable opportunities in Toronto.

It’s not all bad though… There are many things about Canada that I’m super grateful for and I’ll always love it for that. We’ve made some good memories here as a family and we’ll cherish those.

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