Moving Back to USA

Hi everyone, this community was super helpful when I moved from USA to Toronto, now I am planning to move back to USA , wanted to start a channel to post questions about that see if anyone else is in the same boat?

On TN Visa?

No unused H1B? are you also moving . trying to figure out how to export my car and taxes and everything.

Hello Anaman,

I have recently moved back to Texas from British Columbia, Canada few months ago.
I have imported my car back to USA which I brought from USA when I moved to Canada.

Docs need:

  1. Proof of ownership such as ICBC registration( insurance in BC) or bill of sale
  2. D.O.T label ( you will find it on driver side door
  3. E.P.A label ( under hood)
  4. HS7 Form
  5. 3520 Form - This form was signed and stamped by the CBP officer and was used to re - register in Texas

Hope this information helps. All the best for your upcoming move

@iriskandy Hi, Did you do the import at the border or at Austin airport CBP (assuming you moved to Austin)?

It’s at land border - Pacific highway, near Vancouver BC

Did you had to pay duty while importing it back to USA ? I heard that for cars originally bought in USA, this import duty is waived off.

Thats right. No duty for the cars originally from USA. I didn’t pay any duty


Hi @anaman - were you able to bring back your car smoothly? Did you have to do anything else that’s different from what iriskandy posted? I have seen some posts on another forum that said we don’t need to do anything else other than just go to DMV and register if you had a title from USA still in your possession.

Hi @anaman, can you please explain what is unused H1B