Moving car on financing from US to Canada

Hello everyone,
I am moving next month to Toronto and planning to take my car with me, my car through financing and the title is with the bank.
My questions -

  1. Can I take my car to canada while the title is still with the bank but if I have a notarized authorized letter from bank?

  2. when I initially did my soft landing and provided ‘goods to follow’ the CBP officer also took VIN number of my car that I was planning to bring over later. However, since then I was involved in a car accident and my car got totaled so now I have another car (same year make, model) but different VIN number than what’s mentioned in my goods to follow list. How can I get this updated?

Thank you for all the help in advance


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Any info on how much will it cost to take the car to Canada from US? Is it worth the effort or just sell it here and buy a car over there in Canada?

Hi @awesomenorth, just saw your msg - we are paying around $1850 including $250 for paperwork from Phoenix to Toronto. We felt since we are moving in peak winter time and will be moving around a lot during initial days to look for apartments, look for schools etc so having a car seems handy. So we are shipping out our car.

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Hello, did you already move your car? if so how was the company?
If your experience was good can you let me know which company you used


Hi Manish, yes we moved to Toronto in mid Jan. We used ‘’/ easy auto ship company. The move was pretty smooth and on time. Took us around 10 days to get the car shipped from Phoenix to Toronto.
I worked with someone named Blaine, he was very knowledgeable and polite

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Hi everyone,

UPDATE: once we started the move, we faced few difficulties that I would like to mention here - stating the details here Incase anyone else ever get in same position

  1. It’s possible to move the vehicle on loan from us to canada by obtaining an authorization letter from the loan holder. The default one they will provide is for 30 days but if you need it for good or longer period, they can release the car once you provide 1. Offer letter from canada to confirm you can continue to pay the amount monthly. 2. You have insurance covered in canada too.

UPDATE: this is partially true, the lean company will only give you a letter stating it’s ok to move the car based on above 2 points but you can not register it in canada until you have paid off the loan as the tittle will not be given to you. We learnt it the hard way and had to pay off the loan within a day as our car was already on its way to canada border.

  1. To update goods to follow list car vin, since my car got totaled, the CBP person said I need to show the proof that it was totaled so they can switch the car and let me bring the new one instead of what was originally mentioned in my goods to follow list. Hope this helps

Thank you @gondekar.aparna for the helpful information.

Hi Aparna,

My question is right now, I am planning to buy a car in USA but I havenot yet. I initially thought i can take the vehicle on loan. But looking at the above thread I am planning to pay off the loan while actual moving.

My question is during Soft landing provinding VIN of the vehicle is mandatory ? or just the make and model is enough ? Becuase I need to buy a vehicle immediately if need VIN because my softlanding is planned on Jul 24 and I just have 12 days.

Venkata Mujje

Hi @venkata.r.mujje , yes you need to give a vin number at the soft landing so they add it in goods to follow list

Can’t i just give the make and model of the car in Goods to follow?