Moving from Bay Area, CA to Toronto, ON

Hi Everyone,

We are moving to Toronto in the next 3-4 weeks and are scrambling to figure out logistics for international movers and car transport. Hoping to get some advice from those who have done this recently and can help us:

  1. We have a Tesla Model Y that we want to import with us. Given the recent price drop, it’s a higher loss to sell it, and we also have a loan on it. Any advice on the overall process, best options for import, and references for auto movers would be greatly appreciated.

  2. We need a good moving company for our household items and my slightly expensive comics collection. We have about 3 bikes, 8 Costco 27-gallon totes (these have my comics & collectibles), and about 15 large boxes of household stuff. Any suggestions on affordable & good movers?

Most of the big companies we approached for the household goods move quoted us $8k-$12k due to the minimum size, and the ones with $4k-$5k quotes didn’t have the best reviews online.

  1. Is there anything I need to keep in mind while entering Canada? Like inform the border customers that my home stuff will be following via movers? Any forms I need to fill out for when I’ll be going for customs to release my household goods?

Thanks in advance!

@Acmeablaze There should be some threads here within this website to help you with moving resources but here are my comments to your questions -

  1. I don’t know much of any auto movers since we sold our car in the Bay Area prior to moving.

  2. We used Trans Canada Movers. They were pretty good. Given your household collection, that quote seems about right. I would highly recommend downsizing as much as you can before you move. It’ll save you a lot of time and money.

  3. You will need to fill out BSF 186 A form and give it to a border officer and let them know that you will be bringing in your stuff from the US in Canada. If you’re entering for the very first time as a PR, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Hello :innocent: :innocent:
Congrats on your move! :partying_face:For importing your Tesla Model Y, check Transport Canada’s guidelines and get approval from your lender for the loan. Consider TFX International or Hansen’s for auto transport. For household items and comics, look into U-Pack or Allied Van Lines, ensuring they handle valuables with care. When entering Canada, declare your goods to customs using forms like BSF186. Good luck with your move!

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Thanks a lot for the response, this is really helpful!

Thanks stacyy5! This is really helpful!

I also found this article which is really helpful for importing a tesla to Canada! Following it now, will share my thoughts once i complete the process! Exporting a Tesla Model 3 from San Francisco, California to Toronto, Ontario | Reid Main