Moving from California to Canada

Hi, I have some questions and would appreciate some help.
My background:
I am currently working as Software Developer in Cisco in San Jose, California
I have 3 years experience and I am currently on H1B with I-140 approved for GC.
I did my masters in US.

The reason I am thinking to move to Canada is too long wait times for GC and I would like to get my ageing parents to live with me.


  1. I do not mind staying back and getting couple of years of experience. Is it advisable, to apply now, get PR and wait for couple of years to get more experience in bay area?
  2. I find salaries in Toronto area very less as compared to bay area. How salary range shall I expect to earn as I am a Java microservices Developer and looking for a Cloud development position?
  3. What is average monthly expenditure considering I rent a 1 bedroom and a sedan in Toronto?

Thanks a lot!

  1. After you land and confirm your PR your PR residency obligation (RO) clock starts. Starting from your landing date, you have to spend 2 out of 5 years physically in Canada. Which means yes you can stay outside Canada if you want (always keep an eye out for news about immigration policy changes).

  2. Salaries differ from employer to employer and city to city and province to province. Very hard to objectively state a salary you might get. It may not be as uniform or as high as bay area.

  3. Again, depends on area (GTA vs Toronto). @anon25417004 might be able to better answer that.

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  1. Yes, salaries are lower than the Bay Area but then its also much more cost effective to live here. Your bay area experience can get you a salary in the higher end. Additional you can ask for more senior roles and possibly negotiate a much higher title.

  2. An apartment in the heart of the city can be anywhere between 1.5 to 2K depending on the size of the Condo higher the floor etc. You don’t need a car and I would highly recommend not rushing into buying one unless you plan to live further way from the city. If you are single I would suggestion staying in the heart of downtown and working in the same area. So you can bike or walk to work and enjoy the city after.